Welcom to Linnunradan rabbits homepage! My name is Saara Dufva, I live in Central Finland and breed dwarf lops in isabella, madagascar (thyringer) and sallander. I have had a rabbit stud from 2001 and am a member of both Suomen Kaniyhdistys ry and Kaniininkasvattajat ry.

In my rabbitry cubs are born in 2-5 litters per year, from approximately 20 stud rabbits. I mainly focus on isabella, but madagascar and sallander are kept on the side. You can find information (in Finnish) about my rabbits on the "Kanit" -page, where "Urokset" are males and "Naaraat" females.

I co-operate with other Finnish breeders and have occasinally the possibility to purchase and send rabbits abroad to larger rabbit shows.


For sale (updated 14. July 2013):

- Madagaskar male Linnunradan Sadatoni, born 23 April 2012. Parents Äijä and Aivan Kuin Stella.

- Madagaskar female Linnunradan Orion, born 15 June 2011. Parents Äijä and Linnunradan Mimosa. Has had three litters, can be used for breeding.

- Madagaskar female, born 29 April 2013. Parents Linnunradan Kitalpha and Linnunradan Sagitta.

- Isabella male, born 11 June 2013, to be sold at earliest on 10th August. Parents Wilhelm (imported from the Czech Republik) and Linnunradan Rana.


** Trip planned to Tierp Sweden on 19th October. **


You can contact me in English per email at: saara.dufva@linnunradan.net


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